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Open letter:

Will chancellor candidate Stoiber promote freedom of information?

Mr. Stoiber, Prime Minister in Bavaria, former Bavarian nationalist ("Bavarian's pit-bull") is running for chancellor in Germany. In 1980 Stoiber managed the election campaign for Franz Josef Strauss, his political mentor. Strauss lost the election, therefore Stoiber recently announced a change of his policy (Der Siegel nr. 18/2002) from being sceptical to Europe to being more pro Europe. Being right wing before he now calls himself standing in the "middle" of the political spectrum.
Germany is divided, when it comes to freedom of information: The northern part following a strong European trend towards freedom of information: while the south is the only region in Europe and developed countries rejecting freedom of information.
The open letter: simply asks: Where is your stand on freedom of information Mr. Stoiber, pro-European or Bavarian nationalistic? Did you really change and will now support a law on freedom of information being prepared in the German federal parliament?
The European Court of Human Rights condemned Germany because of the "berufsverbote": case (- 7/1994/454/535 - EuGRZ 1995, 590 - ). 15 of 16 länder in Germany softened the praxis of the "Radikalenerlass" from 1972. But Bavaria is the only land that still keeps the praxis to ask the secret service ("Verfassungsschutz") every time somebody begins a job as civil-servant. ("Beamter")
Freedom of information is a human right:, a constitutional complaint has been filed: and a petition to the European Parliament:
Walter Keim
Support freedom of information:,,
Support patients rights:

FOI in Europe: klick here Support freedom of information with a E-Mail to chancellor candidate Stoiber and the coalition parties (click here):
I support freedom of information. Germany should as most other countries in Europe give freedom of information to its citizens, see also Recommendation (81) 19 of the Council of Europe. The organization ARTICLE 19 sums up that, freedom of information is widely recognized as human right:

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