[Freedom of information] [Offentlighet i forvaltlingen]  

Subject: Convention on Access to Official Documents
From: Walter Keim
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 19:33:34 +0200
To: registrator@foreign.ministry.se
CC: campaigns@recognisemyright.info, private.office@coe.int

Dear Minister Bildt:

        I am writing to let you know that I support the campaign for the future Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents, due to be adopted during your Chairmanship, to set high standards for the right of access to information.

        I am signing the letter from the Recognise My Right campaign (see: http://www.recognisemyright.info/newindex.php?pagina=council_europe_letter) and urge you not to adopt the Convention without improvements.

Yours sincerely

Your Name: Walter Keim: http://sites.google.com/site/walterkeim/

Your Country:  Germany


Development: 6. October 2008: European Parliamentarians Call on Council of Europe to Redraft Substandard Convention on Access to Official Documents

Colours on picture: dark green: FOIA enacted. Yellow: pending law. FOIA= Freedom of Information Act