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Call to Abolish Forced Psychiatry in Europe

Abolish forced psychiatric interventios (3) on the basis:

Binding Psychiatric Advance Directives (German Advanced directive) can be a first step (2).

In General Comment 1 premise 42 the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Committee states about force in psychiatry:

As has been stated by the Committee in several concluding observations, forced treatment by psychiatric and other health and medical professionals is a violation of the right to equal recognition before the law and an infringement of the rights to personal integrity (art. 17); freedom from torture (art. 15); and freedom from violence, exploitation and abuse (art. 16).”

There is a need for effective remedies, redress and guarantees of non-repetition to overcome Torture and other ill-treatment in psychiatry:

Support Campaign to Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Commitment and Forced Treatment: https://absoluteprohibition.org/author/chrusp/

Sign the campaign: https://www.causes.com/campaigns/102618-stop-torture-in-psychiatry-in-norway


  1. 30. Janury 2017: 4. Urgent Appeal to Norway to discontinue forced treatment/hospitalization of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Special Rapporteur on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Special Rapporteur on Health (ref. UA Norway 1/2017): https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadPublicCommunicationFile?gId=22955

  2. Psychiatric Advance Directives: http://psychrights.org/Countries/AdvanceDirectives.htm

  3. Minkowitz, Advocacy paper on forced interventions as torture: http://www.chrusp.org/media/AA/AG/chrusp-biz/downloads/29591/supplementary_paper_on_article_11.doc

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