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Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 6:22 PM
Subject: [Intl_FOIA] Would www.article19.de help?

Hi all,  

I have based my petitions

on the information provided by www.article19.org that Freedom of Information is a human right. In fact I would not have had the courage to write these complaints without your publications.  

However the answers I get are not encouraging: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/020425eu.htm The Parliament of the land of Baden-Württemberg says no to considering freedom of information: The question is not _how_ to implement but _if_.  

Therefore I would like to suggest a web site www.article19.de. Looking at the map of Europe should show that Germany http://wkeim.bplaced.net/foi-europe.gif is a problem area. Would the European public who is interested in freedom of information at EU level benefit choosing the "lions cave" as battlefield? Helping not only German citizens but also themselves?

German authorities do not translate Recommendations of the Council of Europe on e. g. freedom of information: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/020106coe.htm. Many search engines (e. g. http://de.altavista.com/) have Germany as default, which I do not reach being located in Norway.

The human right of freedom of information is found overall in Europe and developed countries all over the world.

I have done an investigation on who is responsible for the lack of freedom of information in Germany: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/I_accuse.htm.


Walter Keim
Support freedom of information:
http://wkeim.bplaced.net/foi.htm#e-mail, http://wkeim.bplaced.net/petition_un.htm, http://wkeim.bplaced.net/v-klage_en.htm, http://wkeim.bplaced.net/petition_eu.htm
Support patients rights: 

PS: Afterwards I copied my homepage to a German server: http://wkeim.piranho.de/ and the German sites http://www.informationsfreiheit.de/info_international/index.htm and http://www.lda.brandenburg.de/ with Freedom of information worldwide were created. In 2004 site http://www.informationsfreiheit.info/en/ started publishing information in German and English. Other sides: http://www.pro-information.de/, http://www.transparente-verwaltung.de/html/ifgs.htm, http://www.informationsfreiheit.org/, http://www.meinepolitik.de/informat.htm, http://www.right2know.de/ and http://www.hfv-speyer.de/hill/Akteneinsicht.htm

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