From: Walter Keim <>
To: Courrier Citoyen d'Europe <>
Copi: <>;
Subject: European Patients Rights Charter
Date: 25. February 2003 11:24

Walter Keim
Torshaugv. 2 C
N-7020 Trondheim, 25.February 2003

Jean-Louis A. COUGNON
Chef de division
Courrier du Citoyen
Head of division
Correspondence with the citizen

Dear Mr. Cougnon,

thank you very much for your answer to a letter I send
to the EU Commission and a copy to you.

I am deeply impressed of your detailed knowledge of German law.

That gave me the courage for another question, I was not able to find an
answer to. I came across the Charter of the Hospital patient, (Luxembourg,
9 May 1979) and found the sentence:
"the Committee hopes that this Charter of the Hospital Patient will
contribute to the evolution of a Charter of patient Rights in a wider setting."

Unfortunately I was not able to find a continuation of this work by the
EU Parliament. Recently Active Citizenship Network: (a NGO) has published the "European
Charter of Patients Rights":

My studies on patients rights in Europe: and Germany: (Sorry English
translation will come this summer) seem to indicate that there could be
a need for such a charter.

If the European Parliament has not yet continued this work I would
appreciate if you could hand over this as a suggestion to the right
committees etc. You have a more detailed knowledge of the Parliament than
I have.

Thank you in advance.

Kindest regards

Walter Keim

3. March 2003: EU Commissions answer