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Knowledge is above everything: Prime Minister Stoltenberg 2010

Translation of letter published i newspaper Adresseavisen 28. January 2010:

My advice to Prime Minister Stoltenberg

Knowledge is above everything conserns also how the government informs and gives access to information about its own work.

In 2006, more than 3 years ago the Norwegian Parliament Stortinget strengthened the Norwegian Freedom og information law. Public electronic register of correspondence is now more than 3 years behind compared to plans presented to parliament (St.meld. nr. 17 (2006–2007)) datet 15. December 2006. Now the delay is so serious that there is no new date of launch.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg asked the people for advice. My advice to Stoltenberg is: Give us a Public electronic register for correspondence (Offentlig Elektronisk Postjournal) supplying citizens more knowledge about the governments work: Informaton is power.

Walter Keim


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