Walter Keim
Am Berg 22
D-73553 Alfdorf-Haselbach, 7.7.2002

To the
Secretariat of the
Committee on Petitions
European Parliament
Schuhman Building

ADDITION to Petition 80/2002: Freedom of Information failed in Germany

I would like to add the following newest information to my petition 80/2002:
  • The ministers of the German federal cabinet failed to propose a law on Freedom of Information to parliament, because of objections of the bureaucracy. (Revolt of the red tapes: "Aufstand der Amtsschimmel"
  • The coalition parties tried to propose their own law: but were stopped by the minister of economy Müller ("Bananenrepublik-Müller": He was instructed by chancellor Schröder who obeyed the industry, which did not want freedom of information:,1518,200757,00.html
  • According to the polls chancellor candidate Stoiber will win the elections. That would be a guarantee of no Freedom of Information in the following 4 years: with Germany as the only country in Europe without Freedom of Information.
  • I have done a investigation to find those who are responsible:
    I appreciate that the European Parliament is processing my petition, which seems to be the only hope for Freedom of Information in Germany. 

    Walter Keim

    Copy: UNHCR-Special Rapporteur, EU Convention, President of the EU Commission, EU Council

    Support freedom of information:,,
    Who is responsible for the lack of freedom of information:
    Support patients rights:

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