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Name  Walter Keim  (Netizen)
Address  Torshaugv. 2 C, N-7020 Trondheim, Norway
Telephone Private +47-72 55 30 57 
Born 25. March 1948 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, grown up in Haselbach, Germany
Profession retired College Teacher, IT Consultant, Project Manager, Data Engineer, Development Engineer

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Time Institution Location Course of Studies
1955-1962 Primary school, picture of pupils Großdeinbach, Wiggensbach, Alfdorf, Germany  
1962-1966 High school, ABG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany  
1970-1973 College (Fachhochschule) Aalen, Germany Precision Mechanics
1973-1978 Technical University Berlin Berlin Master of Science (Dipl.-Ing.), Physical Engineering Science
1990-1995 UNIT/AVH now NTNU Trondheim, Norway Bachelor, Social Science including jurisprudence
1994-1995 UNIT/AVH Trondheim Practical Pedagogic Education (10 credits), lecturer mathematics

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20 credits are one semester

Time Institution Location Course of Studies
1993 NKS Norway Personal development and management: 10 credits
1995 NTNU  (UNIT/AVH) Trondheim Cultural understanding: (Social Anthropology), 5 credits
95/96 NTNU/ALLFORSK Trondheim IT as Means for Social Science, 5 credits
1996 NTNU/NKI Trondheim Basic Psychology, 10 credits
1997 HiST/NITOL Trondheim LAN Management, 2 credits
1997 HiST/NITOL Trondheim Data Communication, 2 credits 
1999 HiST/NITOL Trondheim Internet Technology, 2 credits
1999 HSH/NVU Haugesund Pedagogic in Open Learning, 3 credits
2002 NTNU Trondheim History of Technology, 5 credits

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Professional Experience Record

Time Institution Location Branches, Specialism
1967-1969 German Post Stuttgart Apprentice Mechanical Engineering 
1969-1970 Army Duty    Telegraphy
1976-1978 Technical University Berlin, Institute of Mechanics Berlin Student assistant
1978-1982 MAN Neue Technologie Munich development engineer: 
dynamic analyses of steel structures: 
  - development of mathematical models 
  - programming and application of software 
  - interpretation of measurements 
dynamics of GROWIAN
1982-1990 CorrOcean as. Trondheim software engineer and project manager: 
  • project management and quality assurance
  • development and use of software for sea water corrosion 
  • improvement of software on the base of measurements
  • VAX minicomputer management

calculations with  SEACORR

1993-1994 Trondheim commune, TBE Trondheim IT consultant for the housing office: 
- collection of data 
- register of data 
- training/consultancy IT
1995-1996 Adolf Øiens skole Trondheim teacher: 
- mathematics 
- organization theory
1996-1997 College i Sør-Trøndelag, AHS, Trondheim IT-consultant: 
- user support 
- installation of LAN PCs 
- courses Windows, MS-Word, E-mail and Netscape
4.97-6.97 Manpower/Siemens Nixdorf AS Trondheim IT-consultant: 
- installation of Windows for LAN PCs
August 97 to April 2010. College in Sør-Trøndelag, Faculty of Informatics and e-Learning. Trondheim lecturer in courses: 
  • Operation systems
  • Basic Computing
  • Data Communication

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Hardware/Software relevant skills:

Internet Web 2.0, WWW, E-mail, HTML, TCP/IP, JavaScript
Programming languages Fortran, Pascal, and C
Programs MS WORD, MS Office, Netscape, WordPerfect, DAK: SEACORR, FEMGEN, FEMVIEW, BEASY ect.
Computer PC  MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5/4.0, VAX with VMS etc.
Networks Windows NT 3.5, Novel Netware 3.11 and 4.1 and VAX with DECNET

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Membership of professional bodies

1976-2008 IG Metall: (German Metalworkers' Federation)
1990-1997: Norske Sivilingeniørers Forening
1997-2010: Forskerforbundet
The Norwegian Computer Society
DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
2012-today: Transparency Norway

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Author Title Conference, Magazine
Kehl, Keim 
Kiessling, Rippl 
Zur Dynamik von großen Windenergianlagen  VDI-Bericht 381, 1980, ISSN 083-5560 
Roe Strømmen 
Walter Keim 
Advanced CAD Methods Used in Modelling Offshore Cathodic Protection Systems  OMAE, New Orleans, February 23-27, 1986 
Roe Strømmen 
Harald Osvold 
Walter Keim
Computer Modelling and In-Situ Current Density Measurements Prove a Need for Revision of Offshore Cathodic Protection Design Criteria.  Presented at Corrosion/86 
Conference, Houston TX, March 1986 
Roe Strømmen 
Walter Keim 
John F. Finnegan
Advances in Offshore Cathodic Protection Modelling, Using the Boundary Element Method  Materials Performance, Vol 26, Feb. 1987
Hallan, Keim, Nisancioglu Numerical Analysis of Stand-off Anode 
Corrosion/88, NACE Conference 
Magne Vollset, 
Walter Keim
New Methods in CP-Inspections Computerized Analysis  Energy-sources Technology Conference & Exhibition, January 10-14, 1988, New Orleans, LA
Strømmen, Keim, 
Finnegan, Medizadeh
Advances in Offshore Cathodic Protection Modelling, Utilizing the Boundary Element Method Paper nr. 45, Corrosion/86 
Conference, Houston, Texas, March 1986
Keim, Strømmen Jelinek  Computer Modelling Used in the Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Platform CP- Systems Paper nr. 97, Corrosion/88, Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, March 1988
Walter Keim
The role of international lawmakers and their respective influence on national legislation on access to information
X. Baltic Sea NGO Forum, Tuesday, 24th April 2012

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