6. January 2005.

Dear Mr Keim,

thanks a lot for your e-mail regarding freedom of information (FOI) in Germany.

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media is monitoring the situation of media in all 55 OSCE participating States, including Germany.

One of the focuses of this Office for the upcoming year will be freedom of information and access to information. A first step in this direction has been made with the Joint Statement of the media rapporteurs of UN, OAS and OSCE, as you have mentioned in your mail.

As I understand there are at the moment discussions in German parliament to adopt a federal FOI law in Germany and respective legislation has also passed some of the "Laender" parliaments. Our Office welcomes every step into this direction.

For 2005 we will continue our work towards promoting the implementation of FOI laws in every OSCE participating State and hope to see further progress as we have seen already in 2004.

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Ähnlicher Stoff auf Deutsch: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/de_menschenrechte.htm

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Miklos Haraszti
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Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media
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