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Petitions on Patient Rights and Freedom of Information

Patient rights are unfortunately not always given "automatically" and "voluntarily". To have a right is not always sufficient to get it. But article 17 of the German Basic Law gives every German the right to complain. Unfortunately the right to get a fair justified answer has been taken away by the constitutions court (1 BvR 1553/90). What are the patient rights in Europe? Freedom of Information gives access to documents of the public administration.

In direct contact with administration the right to good administration (Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union) is missing in Germany, i. e.

According to CoE RECOMMENDATION No. R (85) 13 an independent Ombudsman for public administration should be empowered "to investigate and give opinions when human rights are involved".  Germany is the only country in Europe which "reserved the right to comply with it or not."

This lack of transparency can be illustrated by these facts:

Transparency is important to fight corruption.

Here are the complaints. At last it is suggested to follow the recommendations of the Human Rights Commisioner.



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