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Christian Social Unity Party (CSU) parliamentary group /
Zeitlmann: "Freedom of Information Law is only prejudicial and has no advantages"

01. June 2005 - 11:40
Berlin (ots) - The Freedom of Information Law is today dealt with in the committee of interior.
The 3. June 2005 the parliament Bundestag will give it's final vote.
The spokesman for Internal Affairs and Justice Policy of the CSU parliamentary group
in the German Bundestag, Wolfgang Zeitlmann says:

The Freedom of Information Law is unnessary and will only occupy
civil servants and courts. The referance of the read-green majority to
the many other states with such a law is wrong. It is not mentioned
that there are already many laws in Germany, that allow access to
documents of the public administration. Read-green has up to now not
shown even one example, where justified access acording to todays laws was not

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Freedom of Information in Europe

The coalition parties will 3. June 2005 adopt Freedom of Information in the Bundestag. If the blockate of the conservative CDU/CSU in the Senate (Bundesrat) secceeds, Germany will become the only read spot in Europe rejecting Freedom of information:

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If the Free Democratic Party (FDP) will defend civil rights in the Bundestag only the south German states will remain having voted against Freedom of information in Europe:

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