28. November 2003.

Dear Mr. Keim,  

I am writing on the request of the Commissioner for Human Rights to thank you for the information
you forwarded us regarding access to information in Germany
As you are aware the Commissioner is not mandated to examine or intervene in individual cases. 
He is however, interested in all information identifying structural or recurring human rights violations. 
Your information falls into this category and will be examined as such in the context of the preparation of a future visit of the Commissioner for Human Rights to Germany.

Yours sincerely,

Private Secretary to the Commissioner for Human Rights

Comment of W. Keim: Who will invite the Commissioner for Human Rights: the government, the BMJ, the Committee of Petitions, the Committee of Human Rights, the Deutsche Institut für Menschenrechte (Human Rights Institute), the Forum für Menschenrechte, Menschenrechtszentrum der Universität Potsdam or the UN?



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Colours on picture: dark green: FOIA enacted. Yellow: pending law. FOIA= Freedom of Information Act