in the Welzheimer Wald (forest), in Norwegian, auf Deutsch:Deutsch
Grössere Karte: Klick hierHaselbach is located in the Haselbachtal, between Alfdorf and Grossdeinbach approximately 5 km north of Schwäbisch Gmünd in Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany.

Haselbach is a section place of the municipality Alfdorf and consists for his part of three sections: Front Haselbach, Bergle and rear Haselbach surrounded by the Welzheimer forest. In Haselbach live approx. 60 inhabitants in approx. 25 houses. The forest restaurant " Mecki" is a popular restaurant for visitors. 

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Gasthaus Waldrestaurant
Forest restaurant
" Mecki "
Haselbach Haus Nr. 22
Haselbach:House No. 22
The "Bergle"
Haselbach 1973
Haselbach seen from the "Soeldhaus".
Haselmühle 1973
The front Haselbach with the Haselmuehle, in former times a mill and restaurant.
Gasthaus Haselmühle
Haselbachdalen 1977
The Haselbachtal in the winter 1977.
Haselbach Winter 1973
Haselbach in the winter 1973.
Brücke in HaselbachCa. 20 years ago Haselbach was divided: The "Soeldhaus" came with Grossdeinbach and SchwäbischGmünd to the Ostalbkreis. The remaining Haselbach was is together with Alfdorf part of the Rems-Murr county. This was done via a counting error in the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg, which was allegedly not reparable 
The inscription on the sign reads: Wanderer stand still and cry, here you enter the Ostalbkreis.
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