Ten generations of Keim ancestors in Schwäbisch Gmünd

(ca. 50 km east of Stuttgart, Germany), from 1609 til today.

10. generation:

Martin Keim, 1609-20.Nov.1687, Bezgenriet (village 8 km south of town Göppingen [Goeppingen] ca. 40 km east-southeast of Stuttgart).
Married to Anna Keim, born 1611-15.Feb.1667, Bezgenriet.  Their son was:

9. generation:

Johannes Keim, 1.Mar.1651-11.Nov.1747, Bezgenriet.
Married to Anna Maria Keim, born Rock, 13.Jan.1665-29.Jan.1729, Bezgenriet.  Their son was:

8. generation:

Johann Georg Keim, 22.Jan.1695-6.May.1761, Bezgenriet.
Married to Catharina Keim, born Laiblin, born 24.Jan.1701-26.Sep.1784, Hattenhofen.  Their son was:

7. generation:

Johann Georg Keim, 27.Oct.1725-6. March 1807, Bezgenriet.
Married to Anna Barbara Keim, born Vollmer, 10.Dec.1725-6.Nov.1790, Bezgenriet.  Their son was:

6. generation:

Johann Michael Keim, 24.Apr.1757-22.Apr.1817, Farmer, Bezgenriet (village 8 km south of town Göppingen [Goeppingen] ca. 40 km east-southeast of Stuttgart).
Married to Anna Katharina Keim, born Hoffmann, 5.Apr.1767-26. Aug.1844, Bezgenriet.  Their son was:

5. generation:

Mathäus [Mathaeus] Keim, 11.Mar.1807-18.Aug.1847, Shepherd, Bezgenriet.
Married to Ursula Keim, born Waibel, from Lautern (village ca. 15 km east of Schwäbisch Gmünd [Schwaebisch Gmuend], 5.May.1810-1887.  One of their sons was:

4. generation:

Michael Keim, 16.Aug.1840-1891, Goldsmith, Schwäbisch Gmünd (town ca. 50 km east of Stuttgart, Germany).
Married to Karoline Keim, born Herkommer, 1843-1899, from (Bad?) Mergentheim (ca. 45 km south of Würzburg, south Germany).  One of their sons:

3. generation:

Eugen Keim, 22. Nov. 1869-1952, Goldsmith, Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Married to Theresia Keim, born Rauscher, from Schwäbisch Gmünd, 1872-1955.
They had 10 children. One of their sons was:


Alexander Keim, 6. Feb. 1904 - 3. July 1975, Paymaster, Schwäbisch Gmünd.
 Married to Maria Keim, born Bohn, 29. Nov. 1913 - 19. April 2009, Seamstress, Haselbach (small village 5 km north of Schwäbisch Gmünd.  They have/had to children:


Reinhilde Konradine Koch, born Miller 8. June 1946, Merchant, is the daughter of Alexander Keim.
Walter Keim, born 25. March 1948 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Engineer and
Dorothea Keim, 31. July 1954 - 28. Feb. 1981, born in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Student in Berlin.

The sources of this information are mainly the church books of the mentioned towns and villages and http://www.ancestry.com/ and http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/.


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