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Is this the End of the Law on Legal Advice of 13. December 1935?

68 years ago the Reichsregierung (government) under the leadership of Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler gave thelaw on prevention ofmisuse of legal advice (in German: Implementing regulations made sure that Jews were removed from lawyers bar. In order to prevent them to give free advice, lawyers got a monopoly.

This law is still in force:, because the Allies forgot to remove it after the Second World War. Germany is the only country in the world where it is forbidden to altruistically give free legal advice. Here is a court decision on the basis of this law: . It is a scandal that Judicial branches in Germany still obey Adolf Hitler's laws.

On 6.October 2003 a energy adviser who lost his profession (Berufsverbot) due to this law ask me for support.

As Internet activist to promote Freedom of Information I tried to open an "international front" in the fight against this law. Unfortunately  it was too difficult for me to translate this article: . Thanks to a judge of a EU country who has already translated 2 sectors: :-)

Unfortunately there is not much in English. Please do not hesitate to send me articles or translations.

The Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe promised to look through the material in the context of a visit:  

But who will invite him: the government, the Committee of Petitions, the Committee of Human Rights, the Deutsche Institut für Menschenrechte (Human Rights Institut), the Forum für Menschenrechte or the UN?

German employees of the state administration have to guarantee that he is committed at any time to the liberal democratic constitutional structure in the sense of the Basic Law

I saw so many court decisions where Germany was sentenced for violation of human rights that I asked the question: does the state guarantee (to be) committed at any time to human rights? . This site is the most visited page I have published :-)

EU is preparing a directive: which will effect the law of legal advice.

However why wait until EU acts or the European Court of Human Rights: Enjoy free legal advice here today: Thank you to the inhabitants of Tokelau :-) Germany is back where it was 68 years ago :-) during the time of the German Emperor and the Weimar Republic before Hitler.

Even the ministry of Justice invites to comment on the law. To me they wrote: "All comments and documents ... will be taken account to and carefully evaluated." This shows that changes are to come, because the pressure has become big.

That's what I have achieved to the 68. anniversary of this law.

But there is more to come:

The only means of complaint on individual level against the lack of access to public documents I am aware of is a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights. Unfortunately I have to start at the district court in Berlin:  On the way to the European Court of Human Rights I am forced to have a lawyer at the "Oberverwaltungsgericht". In order to save my lawyer from a berufsverbot I have done a intervention at the Bundesgerichtshof (Case 1 ZV 65/02: "Krumbiegel scandal" ), because I assume that the lawyers monopoly according to the law on legal advice from 1935 will not fall soon enough.

Thanks to all who gave information to me.

Remember no scandal is too big, because I am living in Norway. Please use the winter season, because it's dark here anyway during that time.

Walter Keim
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Copy: Bundesgerichtshof BGH AnwZ ( b ) 53/03: Case Plantiko ./. RAK Köln 1 ZU 65/02

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