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Walter Keim, E-mail:
Torshaugv. 2 C
N-7020 Trondheim, 1. November 2006


The Registrar
European Court of Human Rights
Council of Europe
F-67075 Strasbourg-Cedex

Keim v. Germany: Appl. No. 41126/05: Access to Information and Fair Trial


Dear Madam/Sir,

thank you very much for your information dated 8 March 2006: "The Court will deal with the case as soon as possible" i. e. complaint "Access to information" in Germany dated 11. November 2005.

Access to information has now been recognized as human right in the following human rights court cases:

I would like to ask you to consider these decisions deciding on admissibility.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Walter Keim
8 German states violate the human right of freedom of information:

List of appendices:


We have argued that the right of access to information held by public authorities is firmly
established in European and international law and practice. Courts and lawmakers
throughout the democratic world have determined that the right to receive government
information is an integral and separate element of freedom of expression, and, like the
right to impart information and ideas, an actual prerequisite for the meaningful exercise of
other political rights in a modern democracy. Furthermore, there is a clear trend in the
democratic world to consider free access to election-related information, and in particular
campaign finance data, as essential to ensuring the integrity of electoral processes and the
credibility of the democratic system itself. This Court in Sdruženi recognized an Article
10 right to receive information held by public authorities independent of any other
Convention rights or interests. We respectfully urge the Court to take the opportunity
presented by this case to make clear that Article 10 of the Convention grants individuals
and other persons a general right of access to information held by public authorities. This
will bring the Court’s jurisprudence into line with prevailing European and international
law, and clarify for national courts throughout Europe the importance of access to
information as a foundation for democratic government.

Copy: Petitionsausschuss Bundestag 1-15-06-10000-037433, Petitionsausschuss Baden-Württemberg 14/438, Petitionsausschuss Schleswig-Holstein: L141-16/633, Petitionsauschuss Rheinland-Pfalz LE11/05, Petitionsauschuss Niedersachsen 25554/01/15, Petitionsausschuss Thüringen E-846/05, Presserat Beschwerde BK2-246/06, Bundespräsident, Bundeskanzlerin

Copy: Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, OSCE, ECHR (Keim v. Germany Appl. No. 41126/05), FOIAdvocates, CoE Human Rights Commissioner.

Answer: 02. September 2008: ECHR: FOI is not part of convention: "(T)he court found that they did not disclose any appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention"


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