Subject: Access to Information and other Violations of Human Rights in Germany
From: Walter Keim
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 20:29:23 +0100

Walter Keim, E-mail:
Torshaugv. 2 C
N-7020 Trondheim, 1. March 2006
Fundamental Rights Agency
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A-1060 Vienna  
Submission: Access to Information and other Violations of Human Rights in Germany 
The Union is founded on the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and
fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law, principles which are common to the Member States..
Article 7 deals with sanctions in case of breach by a Member State of principles mentioned in Article 6(1).
I refer to the task of the Fundamental Rights Agency opened today to (See MEMO/05/231 EMBARGO : 3 PM "Questions & Answers on the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights"):
"The Agency will address the problems with the availability, comparability and quality of data on fundamental rights across the Union. Even if there exists a valuable amount of monitoring and reporting on fundamental rights by different international and European actors, there are still problems, for instance because these reports do not cover all Member States or they cover different time periods of they do not relate to Community law. The large body of existing work requires also data management to pick up the relevant information needed for Union policy making.
The Agency will improve the coordination between the national human rights institutes. It is also hoped to encourage the Member States to create independent human rights institutes.
The Agency will build up a systematic and permanent dialogue between the EU and national and European non-governmental organisations. The bodies of the Agency include a Fundamental Rights Forum consisting of representatives of the civil society. There is also a real need for awareness-raising within the general public."
"The Agency’s work focuses clearly on the situation of fundamental rights in the Union and its Member States as well as in those Candidate Countries which have agreed to participate in the Agency."
I also refer to the task of the UN Special Rapporteur "to seek and receive credible and reliable information from governments and non-governmental organizations and any other parties who have knowledge of these cases; and to submit annually to the Commission a report covering the activities relating to his or her mandate, containing recommendations to the Commission and providing suggestions on ways and means to better promote and protect the right to freedom of opinion and expression in all its manifestations." In addition I refer to the report: E/CN.4/2005/64 of 17 December 2004 on CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS chapter II Issue A, point 36 on implementing the right of access to information.
In European Union law, the Four Freedoms are protected by Treaty provisions, secondary legislation and court decisions, protecting the ability of Goods, Services, Capital, and Labour to move freely within the Internal Market of the European Union. Human rights in candidate states have been evaluated before membership was given, however human rights in "old" member states were up to now forgotten to protect. Therefore the work of the Fundamental Rights Agency is very important.

8 states in Germany lack the human right of access to information. Unfortunately this is only the top of the iceberg of mnay more human right violations of Freedom of Opinion, Information, Association and Right to Fair Trial:

(..) details see:

Unfortunately Germany does not follow the conventions of the Council of Europe here. The EU Commission and the EU Council do not actively support an "area of freedom, security and justice" with a "guarantee for the principles of democracy and respect for human rights", according to Com 2002/0247 but ceases financing the EU Network of Independent Experts. Therefore I would like to ask the Fundamental Rights Agency und UN for support to collext appropriate information and actions towards German parliaments.
I appreciate that CoE, OSCE, PACE, the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF), FOIAdvocates, Access Info Europe, ARTICLE 19 und die Open Society Justice Initiative observe Germany. But I think that is not enough. Therefore I try to force progress by case Keim v. Germany ECHR Appl. No. 41126/05. However it may take many years, before the ECHR will decide on this case. Fortunately case Sdruženi Jihoceské Matky v. Czech Republic ECHR Decision 19101/03 and Application no. 11721/04. GERAGUYN KHORHURD PATGAMAVORAKAN AKUMB v. ARMENIA have recognized a human right of access to receive information.
Unfortunately my favourite lawyer Claus Plantiko for the ECHR case Keim v. Germany is threatened to loose his lisence. Therefore I did a intervention. Lawyers who are critical to the human right violations in Germany can with help of a monopoly dating back to a law on legal advice from 1935 be fired from the bar, which means a Berufsverbot. 
Since I have no possibility to even get an answer from government, federal parliament on human rights (it took 3 years on freedom of information) and no fair answer from constitutional court, I would appreciate your work to supply quality data on missing compliance with CoE/UN/OSCE/IFH/EU human right principles.
Any other action to promote Freedom of Information and other human rights in Germany is welcomed.


Walter Keim
Keim v. Germany: ECHR Appl. No. 41126/05:
Human Right violations in Germany:
Support freedom of information:

Copy: German Institute of Human Rights, German Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Security and Cooperation in Europe, CoE Human Rights Commissioner, Chancellor (Bundeskanzlerin), Landtagspräsident von Baden-Württemberg, Ministerpräsident von Baden-Württemberg, Committee of Petitions of German Federal Parliament and 8 German states (Länder) without Freedom of Information


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Walter Keim
Keim v. Germany: ECHR Appl. No. 41126/05:
8 German states violate the human right og freedom of information:
Promotion of Freedom of Information for Germany:,,,,