Will the Committee of Petitions support an European "area of freedom, security and justice" with a "guarantee for the principles of democracy and respect for human rights", according to Com 2002/0247 which EU is building up in Europe with the help of the Fundamental Rights Agency (COM(2005)280) and create?:

  1. Secure access to public information in the federal and state constitution, as already done in the constitution of state Brandenburg since 1992.
  2. Law to protect patients rights and lawyer clients rights because the law provisions are difficult to find and not good enough.
  3. Abolish Chambers of doctors see Imperial Law Gazette (Reichsgesetzblatt, RGBl. I S. 1433, 13. December 1935), Lawyers bar see Imperial Law Gazette (13. December 1935, Reichsgesetzblatt,  RGBl I, 1470) and panel doctor cooperation ("kassenärztlichen Vereinigungen") see Imperial Law Gazette (Reichsgesetzblatt, RGBl. 567, 8. August 1933), as public institutions ("state in state"), because there is no reasonable reason to empower the lobbyists of doctors and lawyers with public power.
  4. Abolish Act on Legal Counselling (Rechtsberatungsgesetz ) of 13 December 1935 [RGBl. I 1478, BGBl. III 3 Nr. 303-12] to re-establish freedom in this field, which is common to the European area of freedom and existed in Germany before the dictator Adolf Hitler came to power.
  5. Establish scientific research institutions to look at damages to victims of medical and lawyer activity, because there is no knowledge about this up to now.


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Walter Keim, Email: walter.keim@gmail.com
Torshaugv. 2 C
N-7020 Trondheim, den 14. November 2005

Committee of Petitions (Petitionsausschuss)
State Parliament (Landtages von Baden-Württemberg)
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Petition Human Rights for Citizens and Patients and Securing Freedom of Information in Constitution 



I did not translate this petition because the contents is already available here:


I lived in Bavaria from 1978 to 1982 under the leadership of Franz-Josef Strauss. I was threatened of a "Berufsverbot", even I worked in private industry. I would properly would have won all court cases, but the German press would have ruined my reputation by their reports. j Therefore I know that it is important to mention those who are responsible for berufsverbots, not those who are victims. Therefore I created the new German word "Berufsverbotstäter", which means being responsible for a berufsverbot. I wrote to minister Schavan 2004 to withdraw a berufsverbot, in order to give a guarantee to be committed at all time to human rights in the sense the declaration of human rights, i. e. the TREATY ON EUROPEAN UNION, European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHRFF), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. Replace the "transparent citizen" with the transparent state. k

According to Article 20 Basic Law: "All state authority is derived from the people." and "the executive and the judiciary are bound by law" (given by parliament elected by the people) "and justice". Therefore in Germany a democracy of European type is possible, if members of parliament want it and go for it. The parliament does not have to fulfil the wishes of the government. On the contrary the government is bound by what parliament decides.

This petition is published here: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/petition-pa-if.htm. The answer will also be published here.


Walter Keim
Torshaugv. 2 C
N-7020 Trondheim
E-Mail: walter.keim@gmail.com
Support Freedom of Information: http://home.broadpark.no/~wkeim/foil.htm#e-mail
Support Patients' Rights: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/patients.htm#e-mail

List of appendices:

  1. Petition of 7. September 2005 to federal parliament on securing access to information in constitution: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/petition_if-en.htm
  2. Constitutional complaint 18. August 2005 about Freedom of information: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/verfassungsbeschwerde-en.htm
  3. Kritik der Patientenrechte in Deutschland am Beispiel eines konkreten Falls: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/anklage.htm
  4. Empfehlung Rec (2002) 2 des Ministerausschusses des Europarates an die Mitgliedstaaten zum Zugang zu amtlichen Dokumenten: http://www.fr.ch/ofl/de/cst2004/empf_2002_2.pdf
  5. 29.10.02 Klage an Kammeranwalt, der laut Landtag objektives Verfahren gewärleitst
  6. Petition Human Rights Violations in Germany: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/petition_me-en.htm
  7. 30.10.05: Akteneinsichtsforderung und Forderung nach Rechtsbehelf. http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/051030labw.htm und 11.11.05 http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/0511labw-en.htm
  8. 04.11.05: Verfassungsbeschwerde Akteneinsicht und Kostenentscheidung: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/lbgae-bvg-051103.htm
  9. The "Extremist Resolution", 28. January 1972 (decree on employment of extremists in the civil service): http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/radikalenerlass-en.htm

Appendix published in Internet:

  1. OStA GERNOT BLESSING unterlässt Anklage gegen in Italien verurteile SS-Mörder: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/blessing.htm
  2. Massaker der die 16. Panzergrenadierdivision "Reichsführer SS" im norditalienische Dorf Sant`Anna di Stazzema: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sant'Anna_di_Stazzema
  3. Die Vertreibung des Rechts aus Deutschland: http://www.forumjustizgeschichte.de/Prof__Dr__Ingo.26.0.html
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  6. Reichsärztekammer wurde am 13.12.35 gebildet (in Historische Fehlentscheidungen: Geburtsfehler des öffentlich-rechtlichen Gesundheitswesens) http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/geschichte_gesundheitswesen.htm
  7. Akteneinsicht leitet sich aus dem Recht auf Selbstbestimmung und die personale Würde des Patienten (Art. 1 Abs. 1 in Verbindung mit Art. 2 Abs. 1 GG) her: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/einsicht.htm
  8. Rechtsberatungsgesetz vom 13.12.1935 vor dem Fall? http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/031213rberg.htm
  9. Anwaltsmachterhalt mit kostenlosem Rechtsrat: http://www.adversario.de/article254.html
  10. Ausandern as sonnst?: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/auswandern.htm
  11. Gläserne Verwaltung statt des gläsernen Bürgers: http://wkeim.bplaced.net/files/schavan.htm. Chronology: http://www.gegen-berufsverbote.de/lib/international/chronoenglish.html

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